About Us

Keeping it Simple, Keeping it Fun

Keeping it Simple, Keeping it Fun!

Whether you’re an excavator, concrete, or paver contractor you’re all looking for ways to make your jobs easier, more efficient, and most importantly – Fun! Being a contractor, there is nothing more frustrating than paying two employees to do what one person should be able to do themselves. You already know that time is money, and you try your best to be as efficient as possible to keep what you make so you can provide for your families the best you can. The fact is, in the construction trades all it takes is one special tool that takes a certain pain in your arse and turns it into a breeze. It’s for this very reason that the StingAnator was developed. No more paying two employees to snap a chalk line on the inside of a stem wall or set up string lines.

I started New Beginnings Manufacturing after being an excavation contractor for over 23 years. The last 6 years, I was a one man show, which means efficiency was vital. Every move had to count. I developed the StringAnator to make my life easier. It frustrated me to have to wait for another tradesperson to show up to help snap lines or set up string lines for grading only to have them come undone when hit. Or walking back and forth pounding stakes and setting string lines only to have to do it again every 3-4 feet when grading for a slab. Each tool in the StringAnator kits made my life so much easier and efficient. So much so, I knew I had to make it available to everyone else.

Company Values

Our Mission:
We have all heard it a hundred times… work hard, play hard… Keep it simple… work to live, not live to work. This is the basis for success at New Beginnings Manufacturing.
Our Vision:
Through the StringAnator, if we have made one aspect of your working life simpler, easier and you or your employees that much more efficient, then we have succeeded.
Our Values:
At the root of who we are is our faith. Through our faith we are driven to help others.
Our Culture:
Work hard, dream big, play hard and most importantly take the time to appreciate the little things.
Made in the USA:
It would be easy and maybe a little less expensive if we had our product line manufactured overseas, but we won’t compromise our integrity. We are proud to be using American made steel and manufacturing for our entire product line.
Company Values

Now that you have watched the instructional video and read what we are about, hit the buy it now button for whatever StringAnator kit fits your needs. Start small with the Original, Helper, or Buddy sets and add on later once you find how well they helped you. Or if the light has fully turned on, get the Jumbo set and cover all the bases at once. Whatever you decide, we are confident your job just got easier.